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Commercial premises - for rent

Total floor area:270 m2

Rented:270 m2

Available:0 m2

Commercial premises - for rent

Total floor area:708 m2

Rented:708 m2

Available:0 m2

Commercial premises - for rent

Total floor area:462 m2

Rented:462 m2

Available:0 m2

Commercial premises - for rent

Total floor area:0 m2

Rented:0 m2

Available:0 m2

Commercial premises - for rent

Total floor area:794 m2

Rented:794 m2

Available:0 m2

Commercial premises - for rent

Total floor area:794 m2

Rented:794 m2

Available:0 m2

Commercial premises - for rent

Total floor area:312 m2

Rented:312 m2

Available:0 m2

Flats - for rent

Total floor area:257 m2

Rented:257 m2

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Property extension

In 2020, the construction of a new multifunctional building in the promising area of Brno – Trnitá, between the streets Křenová and Mlýnská, started.

Existing commercial building Křenová 52 from the 70’s will be complemented by a modern building Czechner Factory Park, which will create a functional complex offering a wide range of space for rent and additional services.

Czechner Factory Park will offer 8 floors to rent. 7 floors with a total area of 5 225 m2 will consist of commercial premises and the highest floor with an area of 341 m2 will be designed for managerial rental appartments.

Náhled budovy


2018 - 2020

project preparation


beginning of the construction


main constructionfinished


completionof the construction


startof the rental


Twenty years ago, when Mr. Nosräti bought part of the dilapidated area of the Papírny Brno, he had a vision to expand the premises with a new building on the site of an ugly workers quarters. This vision is finally fulfilled with the start of construction of Czechner Factory Park.

The name of the Czechner building is chosen in connection with the historical name of Čechyňská Street - Czechnergasse, where the building is situated. Factory Park refers to the fact that this location has always been related to production, formerly paper and textile.

The investor of the project is a purely Czech family company NOSRETI reality a.s. In addition to the premises in Brno, the company's assets also include real estate in Ostrava, Prague and its surroundings. However, you can usually meet the Nosräti family in their winery in Zaječí in South Moravia.

O nás

office space of 5 225 m2


start of leasein December 2022


Basic infromation

The facade of the building will mainly consist of huge windows that will provide the rented space with plenty of light. The most distinctive element of the building will be fully glazed bay windows.

The semi-basement floor will be surrounded by attractive wide “English backyards” planted with greenery. Next floors will offer variable office space that can be customized according to the needs of tenants. The top floor with apartments will offer not only exceptional views of the city's landmarks of Brno, but also spacious green terraces.

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Technology and equipment

Czechner Factory Park reflects modern construction requirements in accordance with ecological trends, which will ensure low operating costs of the building.

The building will use heat pumps as a source of heat and cold. Rainwater will be used to irrigate green areas. In summer, the indoor climate will be protected from the sun by outdoor blinds. The building will be centrally ventilated by ceiling units.

Of course, there are two passenger lifts, a security system with entrance protection and energy-saving interior lighting.

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Greenery and parking

Our aim is to make green not only the building itself, but also the entire complex and thus extend the modernized front garden in Křenová Street. Green "English courtyards" and terraces in front of the apartments together with newly planted trees will make the environment more pleasant for the users of the building.

Both buildings will be connected by a newly built square. Thanks to its elevated position above the street, it will offer a quiet space for rest and relaxation.

The large courtyard adjacent to both buildings is designed for parking of both tenants and their clients. The car park offers 200 outdoor parking spaces with an automatic parking system.


7 office floors+ 1 appartment floor

200 parking spacesin the area

in accordancewith ecological trends


Great neighbours

The complex is located in a rapidly modernizing part of the city with a large concentration of office centers, which are often established on the site of former Brno factories.

Our neighbours will be the Office Campus Vlněná, Vaňkovka Gallery, Mosilana, Felicidad, Impact Hub or the new apartment building Krona.


Equipped surroundings

In the vicinity of Czechner Factory Park you can find all public amenities - restaurants, cafes and shops, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and other financial, social and sports facilities.

The nearby bike path along the banks of the river Svitava is also very attractive.


Close to the city

Within a 10-minute walk you can reach the historic city center, the main train and bus stations, or use public transport in the immediate vicinity of the building.

Excellent transport accessibility is also by car from all major routes to Brno.


Vaňkovka a Vlněnanearby

cafes and restaurantsaround

10 minute walkto the city centre


Site equipment

The site is equipped with meeting and conference rooms, a café with an outside seating, a bank (Česká spořitelna), an ATM, a copy centre and shops (CZC, Canis, Dekolamp).

There is also a large car park and several storage spaces for rent.



The complex has its own reception providing information and other services for both tenants and visitors. Regular cleaning is performed in the common areas and it can also be provided in rented offices as agreed with the tenants. Fot the apartments a cleaning and laundry service will be offered.



Our team is located directly in the area and thanks to that we are able to react operatively to the needs of our tenants. We not only provide facility management, but we also organize a number of events. Our Business Breakfast has become a tradition. It is a great occasion for meeting tenants and interesting guests with a cup of coffee and a good breakfast, presenting news and building business relationships.


Meeting and conferencerooms


Regularbusiness meetings